About company

 Company Fiala prop s.r.o.,  division Fiala Propellers - deals around since 2006 in development and production of wooden propellers mainly for hobby use. Recently, also props for special purposes eg.  UAV.
For modellers we currently offer size range from 12 "to 40" with different pitch.. Standardly 8 "-22"
Company Fiala prop s.r.o., about 2012 gained for the manufacture of propellers also a range of products now Valachmotors the former company, which is engaged in the production four-stroke model motors. Gradually they began to expand the volume and range of motors and  in 2015 motors began commercial reasons continue to be sold under the brand Fiala Motors. Hence the division Fiala Motors. For the German company Toni Clark will continue to distribute under the brand Valachmotors.
Currently, a number of single-cylinder engines, comprises (60 and 70 ccm)  boxers (85, 120, 140, 170 and 210), 120 two - cylinder inline, five-cylinder radial (420 ccm) and the peak current supply is radial 7 – cylinder with volume of 800 ccm. Outside the model usage  Fiala Prop developed and sells special UAV motor  120 B2 UAV. This is a four-stroke boxer volume 120 ccm with electronic ignition, electronic fuel injection and the electric generator.
Owner of company is Mr. Stanislav Fiala.