How to start - Fiala / Valach 4-stroke engine starting video, presented on the 250 R5 engine.

It was taken on the occasion of our participation at the end of April this year at a well-known and very well-stocked event in Germany at the Bad Sassendorf Spa. The event is called ProWing and our company has been participating here for several years.

The purpose of the video message and additional written information is to show users how easy and seamless our engines can be started. The procedure may be differ ent from your usual procedure and from the startup procedure for 2-stroke engines, but it is clearly worthwhile studying and applying it in practice.

This is all shown on a 5-cylinder 250 ccm engine, but this can be successfully applied to all our engines! Then starting is very simple, on ProWing even this engine started by Mr. Gerhard Reinch from Toni Clark with one finger and a little finger !!!

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3