About us

Fiala Prop s.r.o. is a small company, employing cca 22 employes. We produce since 2006 wooden propellers for the modelers and also UAV . Roughly since 2012, we expanded our portfolio of development and production of four stroke model motors. We're probably the only company in the world, which also manufactures gas engines and propellers. We do not only commercial production, but also collaborate on development projects both in the field of propellers and engines for different applications and purposes.

Our team

Our work is in many cases our hobby, which gives us a certain advantage and fills us probably much more than normal.

Way of selling our products

Working system of distributors and dealers worldwide, but also the vast majority of our products, especially motors go for export. We supply also domestic traders and, of course, can be both propellers and engines buy directly from us, in our E-shop. For any non-standard  requests, please use mail order. Stanislav Fial

They wrote us

Thank you for your exemplary after-sales care members Fiala Prop companies, namely pp. Fiala and Kolman for helping with my first 4-stroke engine in my model Furnier. My experience, I also described in the magazine RC Models. L.C.Marek