Company Fiala prop s.r.o., division Fiala Motors -  from year 2013 started also with four stroke motors as continuing not still existing company Valach Motors. Gradually began to expand  range of motors and in 2015 the motors are renamed to Fiala Motors. Valach Motors is still used for german company Toni Clark.
Now the range of motors contains one cylinder motors ( 60 and 70 ccm), two cylinder boxer motors ( 85,120, 140, 170 and 210), two cylinder inline motor 120 ccm, four cylinder 280 ccm,  five cylinder radial motor ( 250 and 420 ccm) and top is seven cylinder radial motor 800 ccm. Outside model use company Fiala Prop s.r.o. developed and put to market special UAV motors. It is 4-stroke boxer with electronic ignitron, electronic injection, electric generator and regulator. The power of generator  could be another  due to customer  order. This motor has  excelent suitability for a given application instance for example, that his ceiling is 5000 m above sea level and has an extremely low fuel consumption, allowing the device driven by this motor  lasted very long in the air without refueling .

Valach Motors If you are interested of Valach Motors, which are also produced by us, please visit  website

Warning - radial motors (currently 250, 420 and 800 ccm) are supplied under the brand VM - Valach Motors also in trought dealer network Fiala Motors.

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  • 224 875 Kč  (185 847 Kčexcl. tax)

    Available: Spring 2022 Volume      800 ccmBore      52 mm Stroke       52 mm Weight      28,2 kg 2-blade propeller     48/22, 50/24, 59/20 3-blade propeller     40/24, 45/20 RPM Range       1000- 3800 The motor cannot be ordered via e-shop, to determine the availability and cost of transportation, please contact us at email:

    224 875 Kč  (185 847 Kč excl. tax)
Showing 13 - 13 of 13 items