The company Fiala prop s.r.o. - division Fiala propellers – deal with development and production of wooden propellers mainly use for modellers. Recently company started to deal with a special propellers ( for example UAV or paraglide use ).
In this time we offer propellers in standard sizes – 13“- 60“ - with different pitches.
Every propellers we can produce like CW – clockwise ( viewed in the direction of flight ) or CCW – counterclockwise. With this we can also create sets for propulsion of multicopter. The basic design is clockwise ( CW).

We offer basic categories :
  • Classic – for gas engines
  • Electro – for electro engines
  • Electro E3 - new electro design with better efficiency
  • Scale - for scale planes
  • Oldtimer - 2 colours: Light wood - Beech / Dark wood - American Walnut

The difference between gas and electro categories is in construction, the electro propellers are lightened considering smaller strain caused by engine ( shocks, vibrations etc...).

The classic propellers we offer like 2-blade, or more blades – 3-blade,4-blade,5-blade.
Electro propellers are in the offer as 2 and 3 blade propellers.
We supply propellers in standard 3 colors – natural , black with yellow tips, white with red tips.
For any special needs (dimmension / blades / pitch) please contact us at

Every supplied propellers are static ballanced and packed in cartons. On the propellers are marking by laser the size and logo of producer.

Manual for Fiala propellers and max. permitted RPM
For drilling holes for propellers crews - please add item: Drilling for propellers crews
Available types with delivery time:

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  • 3 150 Kč  (2 603 Kčexcl. tax)

    Propellers designed for electric model motors. Propellers are delivered balanced, rating with transparent varnish. It is available in either black or white colour. According to the direction of rotation to clockwise (CW - clockwise) when viewed in the flight direction or a left-handed version (CCW. Counter - clockwise) when viewed in the flight...

    3 150 Kč  (2 603 Kč excl. tax)
  • 100 Kč  (83 Kčexcl. tax)

    Drilling holes for propellers screws set. Please fill in in note: diameter of a circle screw quantity diameter of a screw

    100 Kč  (83 Kč excl. tax)
Showing 85 - 86 of 86 items